Commercial Roof Repair in Orem

The largest roofs in Orem are in the commercial sector. If one leaks, finding the water’s entry point can be challenging - except for Superior Coatings’s experienced, professional commercial roof repair contractors. Armed with skill and specialized equipment, we locate, assess, and eliminate roof problems. Call us now for commercial roof repairs at (801) 652-4378.

Speedy Roof Repair with Superior Coatings

When it comes to roofs, small problems can escalate and cause terrible damage fast – this is why we always encourage commercial property owners to call for help the moment they suspect an issue.

 Having your roof inspected and assessed is always beneficial. Prevention and repair significantly maximize the existing roof’s lifespan and delay expensive, disruptive roof replacement.

Quality Roof Repair Services

Most people think of leaks and water damage when they consider a compromised roof, but a host of issues can be weakening the roof other than a leak. The older a roof is, the better chance it’s endured multiple storms and major wear and tear. Local inspections and assessments have led us to discover these most common commercial roof issues. They include:

  • Detached single-ply roofs: improper original installment or lack of maintenance causes top to be blown off or billow in moderate winds.
  • Pooling, standing water on flat roofs: the drains are blocked, the roof was built at an improper angle, or the flashing is damaged, but risks of leaks and water weight causing structural damage is high.
  • Punctured single ply roofs: too much foot traffic can cause punctures
  • Rubber roof shrinking: flashing pulling away from the edges diminishing the roof’s protective qualities.
  • BUR roof surface erosion: cracking and splitting easily avoided with maintenance.
  • Any combination of these problems, including leaks, due to poor original roof installation.

Wisdom of our Roof Repair Company

Our roof repair contractors never stop learning. We know that this industry evolves often, and so do we. We have grown our knowledge and learned about new technology and materials, making us very comfortable dealing with all kinds of roof systems and materials.

We can inspect, assess, maintain, and repair commercial roofs made from:

  • Modified Bitumen (five-layer asphalt roll)
  • Metal (galvanized steel)
  • Rubber (EPDM)
  • Thermoplastic (TPO)
  • Greenery (plants, trees, garden)
  • Asphalt shingles

Trustworthy Roof Repair Contractors

With our specialized equipment, we conduct an in-depth inspection of the entire roof, not just the problem area. Our readings will expose every bit of damage and areas that are weathered and at risk of damage. We’ll present a detailed estimate of required repairs, best suited materials and products, and a projected timeline. A signed contract is all we need for our talented project managers to oversee a smooth, organized repair project.

Book Superior Coatings for Commercial Roof Repairs in Orem Now

Our certified roof repair specialists restore roofs to excellent working conditions with craftsmanship that lasts years. We specialize in commercial roofing and we look forward to showing you what we can do for your property.

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