Superior Coatings’s Commercial Exterior Painting Services

For years, Superior Coatings has been the go-to commercial painting company for businesses of all sizes. We service apartments, retail properties, restaurants, office buildings and so much more. Our trustworthy local painters offer a variety of painting and cleaning services to help your property stand out.

Professional Commercial Exterior Painting

We believe in doing the job right, which means we value our reputable process. Throughout the project, we make sure to maintain open lines of communication. This means no surprises for you or any of our crew. By keeping you up-to-date throughout the project, we keep ourselves accountable. In this way, we guarantee we’ll meet your goals.

Local Painters And Affordable Estimates

The process starts when you schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. Our commercial painting contractors will meet you at your building to learn about your project. We’ll assess your needs and examine the surfaces you want to paint. The more information you provide, the more accurate our project proposal will be.

Once we have a sense of the project’s scope, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate and proposal. This estimate includes everything from cost of materials to labor charges. We don’t believe in hidden fees. We’re upfront and honest throughout the entire process.

We know you have a business to run, so our proposal includes a detailed project timeline that considers your operations. It also contains our safety plan to protect all parties.

Choosing Colors For Your Exterior Painting

If you have a vision for your building’s exterior, our color consultants will match it as closely as they can. And, if you don’t, we’ll help find you something that suits your business!

Once you decide on a look, our color consultants will provide you with samples of colors and finishes. This way, you’ll be able to get a sense of what the results will look like.

Exterior Surface Painting

When it comes to commercial exterior painting, thorough surface preparation is key. Exterior surfaces tend to accumulate dirt, mildew and are prone to damage. Our painting contractors will clean your walls using the best tools for your substrate and perform any necessary repairs. If you’re repainting over chipped or peeling paint, we’ll sand down the surface to maximize paint adherence. We’ll also mask the surrounding area to protect the rest of your property.

Professional Painters For Your Building’s Exterior

Now for the fun part! Our exterior painting contractors will transform your building’s exterior using the latest in exterior painting tools. We’ll work section by section to reduce disruption and clean up as we go.

No painting job is done until you say it’s done. When our professional painters finish the work, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection with you. Only once we’ve met your goals is the project complete.

Leading Commercial Painting Contractors For Exterior Properties

We give each step of our process the attention it deserves. This way, we guarantee exceptional customer service. Superior Coatings completes each project on time and on schedule. Contact us today to book your initial consultation.